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Learning Cohorts

This fall we will be offering 5 learning cohorts. Each of these cohorts will have a different focus. Families can choose to participate in which ever cohorts best fit the needs of their family. The cohort will meet once a week in person and have a few online activities to complete each week.

Each month there will be a larger learning experience that with focus on the topic that the cohort is currently learning about.

In each cohort, students will meet to plan and prepare for this learning experience. Students learn most when they process what they are learning in order to share it with others. During the planning sessions students will have a chance to learn and explore the theme for the upcoming learning experiences and put together a plan as a group for what the learning experience will look like.

Our learning experiences will be open for anyone to join, but these will be planned and lead by those in the cohort.

The focus for our Make Believe Monday Cohort is to inspire imagination and creativity. Having fun is a key to helping students delight in learning. While the classes are designed for the students to have fun and creative, they will also help to reinforce many basic language arts, science and math skills. You can learn more about our Make Believe Monday Cohort here.

Our Tricky Tuesday Cohort will help students to tackle new challenges, set goals and learn to embrace failure as a learning opportunity. This cohort is not meant to be overwhelming, but to help students enjoy learning and challenging themselves. You can learn more about our Tricky Tuesday Cohort here.

Wonder: Noun~ a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable. Verb~ to feel surprise, to feel curiosity or doubt

Questions are a foundation for our kids learning, both in academics and in their faith. Our Wonder Wednesday Cohort is designed to help spark curiosity and joy in learning as well as to open their eyes to the many wonders our Creator has made! Learning to observe and ask good questions are skills that needs to be developed and we hope this will lead to an appreciation of the beauty around us. You can learn more about our Wonder Wednesday Cohort here.

Our Kinder-GARDEN cohort will cover a lot of academics but will be strong on helping students grow socially and emotionally. You can learn more about the Kinder-GARDEN Cohort here.

This cohort will focus mainly on planning and preparing for the Kinder-GARDEN. The students who participate in the Arrow Kids Cohort will lead the Kinder-GARDEN Cohort on Thursday mornings and after lunch will plan for the coming week. You can learn more about the Arrow Kids Cohort here.

To learn more about each learning Cohort, be sure to read each of the blog posts explaining the differences between the cohorts.

If you have more than one student or plan to participate in more than one cohort, we recommend considering one of our memberships. By choosing to make a monthly donation to our ministry you will be able to register for our learning experiences for free. The number of free registrations is determined by the membership you purchase. You can learn more about our memberships here.

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