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EiR Evangelism is Relationships

God wants to use YOU to make a difference for Him in your world. 

But where do you start? 

You start right where you are.

Evangelism Is Relationships!

In this training experience, you will learn to live a biblical process for impacting your world like Jesus. John 3;16 will become an effective strategy for joining God in his love for your friends.

  • Session 1 iNTERCEDE
    Love the Lord. Making a difference in your world requires the power of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, you must learn to connect with the heart of God via prayer for those He has placed in your relational sphere of influence. 

  • Session 2 iNVEST
    Be a Friend. The natural result of connecting with God's heart through prayer is a desire to love people with God's love. We'll explore how Jesus intentionally befriended those around him—and how we can follow His example. 

  • Session 3 iNTERSECT
    Truth and Grace. As Jesus walked the earth, He intersected God's truth with God's grace as He interacted with people. We'll explore how to bring God's truth and grace to those in your relational sphere of influence.

  • Session 4 iNVITE
    Share God's Story. God uses ordinary people like you and me to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others. We'll explore how to clearly share God's story, our own God story, and how to invite others into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


Each person gets a 28-page training manual AND a 25 day follow-through John 3:16 Factor Living Guide that is good for wrestling with friends, family and small groups.

If you are interested in hosting the EVANGELISM IS RELATIONSHIPS training experience for your ministry, contact Cadre.

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