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Free Downloads
for Disciplemaking Friends, Familes and Teams…

We love helping existing and new friends be encouraged and equipped as disciplemakers. We're able to share these FREE TOOLS with you because of the generosity of our Cadre Support team. We believe you'll be equipped and encouraged in your friendships as you love God, love people and make disciplemakers.

Volunteer Dialogue #1: Training Makes All The Difference
Grow as a multiplying disciplemaker as you wrestle this Cadre dialogue on Jesus-like training. A printed edition is available in the Cadre online store, but you can download this free PDF EBook, and learn why training makes all the difference! [Over 8,000 Downloads]

Volunteer Dialogue #2: The Training Genius of JesuS

Grow as a multiplier as you learn the equipping difference between Speaking, Preaching, Teaching and Training. This is a tool designed to be wrestled as a dialogue. Printed copies are available in the Cadre store, but here we're providing a free ebook/pdf edition for your use as a disciplemaking influencer. [Over 7,000 Downloads]

Getaway Like Jesus: Pace & Pray Like Jesus
Chapter One: A First Century Prayer Life

This tool will help you learn to pace like Jesus and pray like Jesus as you study his getaway patterns. This free chapter illustrates the "WITH" God priorities that were owned and practiced by Jesus and his friends. [Over 7,000 Downloads]

Published Article: Not "Just" Volunteers

The Joys of Volunteer-led Youth Ministry by Jennifer Kvamme. [Over 5,000 Downloads]

LETTER From A Student: 2-Page Evangelism Training Session

This is a real letter I received from a student who was at a camp I spoke at one summer. Read her story and then explore the discussion question on the next page. [Over 5,000 Downloads]

Disciplemaker's Guide to Grow, Minister & Lead

Chapter 10: Leading When You Feel Like Quiting

Chapter 10 from Cadre's Disciplemaker's Guide to Grow, Minister & Lead.  While everyone has highs and lows, it has been my experience and observation that church leaders—volunteer and vocational—seem to have a proclivity for higher highs and much lower lows. My own ministry experience has always been a mountaintop experience—either I’ve been on the top of the mountain or the mountain has been on top of me. [Over 7,000 Downloads]

Training Article: Missions Trip Land Mines

The fact is that there are a lot of mission trip land mines buried just beneath the surface... waiting patiently... for you or someone from your group to make one wrong step. Shouldn’t you know where these land mines are buried so you can avoid stepping on them? This training article highlights 10 potential Missions Trip Land Mines plus help for your team on ways to avoid stepping on them. [Over 7,000 Downloads]

Chapter 5 of Grow, Minister & Lead Book 1: Why Training Matters

Ten training sessions to help you Grow, Minister, and Lead (Book 1) as a volunteer in the church! Here is one of 10 training chapters that are downloadable for sharing from our online Cadre resource store. This is chapter 5 that focuses upon why training and especially training volunteers matters!

Training Booklet: Intro & Covenant: Encourage Your Pastor
Excerpt from
Seven Biblical Ways God Wants You to Encourage Your Pastor.
 Perhaps the greatest gift you could give your pastor for Pastor Appreciation this month is a congregation that is equipped with the seven biblical ways God wants them to encourage the pastor. [Over 5,000 Downloads]

Free Audio Links

Audio: How To Encourage Your Pastor Radio Interview with BIll Allison

Audio: A Radio Interview about Disciplemaking with BIll Allison

Audio Sermon: Stepping Into God's Purposes for my life with BilL Allison

Audio Sermon: Sexual Purity with Bill Allison

Dramatized Audio: SYATP Email From Hell

Includes Dramatized Teaching Audio plus PDF traiing handout

Dramatized Audio: School, Don't Waste it
Includes Dramatized Teaching Audio plus PDF training andout

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