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MiR Ministry is Relationships

A CADRE MINISTRIES WORKSHOP for Adult Volunteers and Students: 

If you have a pretty good program, but would REALLY like to have a great MINISTRY—then you need to experience Ministry Is Relationships! Developed by Bill Allison and Dave Garda of Cadre Ministries, this four-hour workshop takes you back to the heart of authentic ministry and life change—RELATIONSHIPS! More of a learning experience than a passive workshop, you will encounter these sessions and learnings:

  • Session 1 No Relationships = No Ministry; Know Relationships = Know Ministry
    An out of the box learning experience will get us started and explain why relationships are the heart of ministry--and God as a mode of operation for impacting and changing the lives of those in our ministry!


  • Session 2 God-Powered Relationship Skills
    Learn the biblical motivation for building relationships
    Learn the three key relationship skills for connecting with the heart of others


  • Session 3 He That Hath Ears--Let Him Hear!
    A listening experience you will never forget--and be able to use in your ministry to build relationships


  • Session 4 How to CLEAN UP Messy Relationships
    Learn to use God's relationship cleaning supplies in your everyday relationships

In addition, each participant receives a training manual complete with practical application pages, resources and follow-through assignments--and a bibliography of resources for continued relational development! 


BONUS: Every participant receives Cadre's New One Another Living Guide for 25 days of ongoing study into God's heart for your disciplemaking friendships.

If you are interested in sharing a MINISTRY IS RELATIONSHIPS learning experience with your team, contact

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