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Arrow Kids Memberships

What is an Arrow Kids Membership?

When we first began Arrow Kids Academy, we offered all our learning experiences for free. We saw how expensive it can be to participate in homeschool activities and we wanted to help provide engaging learning experiences that could be available to all families.

As we have grown it has become too expensive to continue to offer all our learning experiences for free. We also found that 50-70% of the families who register don’t show up for the free learning experiences they register for, so we needed to begin charging for our learning experiences. We still work to make our learning experiences as affordable as we can but ask for families to help cover some of the expense. This helps to cover some of the cost of the supplies we use, printing cost, snacks, our SeeSaw and Zoom account. We don't host learning experiences as a way to generate income for Arrow Kids Academy, we depend on the generosity of those who see the value in our ministry to help us meet expenses through their donations.

We created the Arrow Kids Memberships to help families who regularly participate in our learning experiences to attend many of our learning experiences at a reduced cost. It allows families to support our ministry with a monthly donation and in return receive a discount for our learning experiences and cohorts. There are 3 different levels of membership. Families can choose what best fits them both financially as well as how often they plan to attend.

We never want finances to keep families from joining us for our learning experiences. We hope that our memberships will make our learning experiences more affordable. If you are in need of further financial assistance to attend any of our learning experiences, you can complete this scholarship request.

Here is a breakdown of what is offered with each membership:

Arrow Kids Membership

This is best for families who plan to attend our learning experiences or participate in one of our Cohorts. Our desire with Arrow Kids Academy is to help create a community where both parents and students can develop deeper relationships. This membership allows for families who regularly participate in our learning experiences or cohorts to save on their registration costs as well as get a few extra perks for being a part of our community.

This membership is a $50/month donation and allows your family to register for learning experiences and 1 cohort for 50% off. Arrow Kids Members also receive:

First access to registration

50% off every Arrow Kids Learning Experience

50% off of 1 cohort

50% off CAT Annual Tests

Access to Arrow Kids Family Directory

Free Arrow Kids Teacher ID

50% off Arrow Kids Student IDs

Invitation to the Birthday Brunch Parties

Students can participate in the Teaching Team Cohort

Access to the Arrow Kids Google Classroom

Access to the Arrow Kids Shared Photo Album

50% off the Arrow Kids Yearbook

You will be part of our amazing homeschool community

While most of our learning experiences are open for anyone to register, our Birthday Brunch is only open to Arrow Kids Members. This takes place on the months with a 5th Monday and is a chance for us to gather and celebrate both parent and student birthdays.

Learning Experience Membership

This is best for families who plan to occasionally attend a learning experience.

This membership is a $15/month donation and allows families to register up to 3 people for 50% off for every learning experience, but does not discount the cohorts. The Learning Experience Membership also provides:

50% off each learning experience for up to 3 people

Access to the Arrow Kids Academy directory

First access to registration

Be a part of our amazing community

Disciplemaking Friend Membership

This membership is for adults who want to invest into the students of Arrow Kids Academy but don't have school aged students. We love to have grandparents join us and learn with us. There is no cost for this membership and will allow our Disciplemaking Friend members to register for free or 1/2 price learning experiences.

If none of these memberships meet you families needs, please reach out and we can find a solution that works best for your family.

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