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Ministry training for middle school students and their leaders

YES, we believe disciplemaking can happen in middle school!

EQUIP is a fun and life-changing training experience designed to help middle school students be disciples who make disciples...who make more disciples. 

Host an EQUIP weekend experience with your group and watch them grow in the heart and skills for loving God, loving people and making disciplemaking friendships, together.

EQUIP models hands-on how loving God can overflow into caring for friends and sharing Jesus with them. First we lead the EQUIP experience with your group, and then we'll train you and your team to lead them yourself. 

Let us help you multiply disciplemaking friendships with your middle schoolers and their friends. 
Ask Rennie EQUIP Questions…
Ask Laura EQUIP Questions…
Ask Mark & Rachel EQUIP Questions…

The training is fun, biblical, and highly interactive. No long lectures. We wrestle Scripture in small groups and try out practical, hands-on ways of showing God's love. Equip isn't just a seminar that happens at a church. It's an authentic disciplemaking training experience.

You might be thinking, "The middle school students in our ministry would never do what I'm seeing students do in these pictures." They could and would... if you lead them there. If you don't expect much, that's what you'll get. 

Isn't that what Jesus really wants from all of us who claim to know and follow Him?

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