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Tricky Tuesday Cohort

Our Tricky Tuesday learning experiences are designed to help students to tackle new challenges, set goals and learn to embrace failure as a learning opportunity.

This cohort is not meant to be overwhelming, but to help students enjoy learning and challenging themselves. Much of this cohort will be a work at your own pace style class. You and your student will determine what areas to focus on during Tricky Tuesdays. We have a number of resources available to help your student engage in learning about math, history, science or the stock market. One of the skills they will work on is communicating what they are learning via SeeSaw. Each student will receive their own Fun Schooling journal to assist them in learning this fall. You will be able to choose which journal works best for your student.

Throughout the semester students will work to create a presentation for our final Tricky Tuesday (December 13th). Each student will chose a holiday tradition to research and discover the history of where the tradition originated. They will put together a presentation to share with the group all they learn about this holiday tradition at our Christmas Traditions Fair.

The learning objectives we have for this cohort:

Will vary depending on what your student chooses to study.

Executive Management Skills~ Planning what needs to be done and managing time.

General~ Goal setting skills. Learning to anticipate and to try again when goals are not met. Developing the skill of asking good questions.

Social~ Listening skills, engaging with other students during Zoom classes.

Public Speaking/presentation skills

Completion of a specific number of pages in their fun schooling journal, the number depends on the age of student.

September 13th

11:00 The Art of Nature Journaling @ the Arboretum

September 20th

Career Exploration (Location & Time TBD) We will have people from different careers share about their journey to their career and answer questions. Students who choose the Reading, Writing & Research Fun Schooling Journal can use this journal when interviewing our guest at each career exploration.

September 27th

Tricky Tuesday Zoom Cohort 11:00am

October 4th

Tricky Tuesday Zoom Cohort 11:00am

October 11th

Career Exploration (Location & Time TBD)

October 18th

Stay @ Home Week~ No Cohorts this week (See Rhythm of Rest blog post to learn more)

October 25th

Tricky Tuesday Zoom Cohort 11:00am

November 1st

Tricky Tuesday Zoom Cohort 11:00am

November 8th

Career Exploration (Location & Time TBD)

November 15th

Tricky Tuesday Zoom Cohort 11:00am

November 22nd

Stay @ Home Week~ No Cohorts this week

November 29th

10-noon Christmas Coloring & Tea Party Location TBD

December 6th

Tricky Tuesday Zoom Cohort 11:00am

December 13th

10-noon Tricky Tuesday Presentations at the Christmas Traditions Fair (Location TBD)

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