Bill & Stacy Allison

Love God, love people, make disciplemakers—that's Bill Allison's mission in life. 


Bill is a Cadre Missionary, a ministry that is obsessed with Jesus-like disciplemaking.  Cadre fulfills this obsession best through Disciplemaking Learning Communities and training trainers to take training back to their local ministries.

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As a part of Bill's missionary role he is the author/coauthor of multiple Cadre books, training tools, and training workshops. Through, he publishes Cadre Connection, a FREE gold mine of online training resources for disciples and disciplemakers.

In Bill's own words:

  • "I love Jesus, my wife, our seven kids, Eysals coffee (, MAC computers, motorcycles, training trainers, chocolate, learning, volunteers, the Church, Gibson Les Paul guitars, the blues, laughing at myself, training, coaching, mentoring, equipping, encouraging, the Cubs, the next generation, and I'm obsessed with Ephesians 4:11-12 and Jesus' disciple making METHODS (not just His message). Some of my lifetime goals are to chase a tornado, drive in a smash up derby, survive parenthood, and ride a motorcycle with my wife from Chicago to LA on old Rt. 66. As an Ephesians 4:11-12 missionary of encouragement and equipping, we live by faith and trust God to financially provide for our family and our ministry with Cadre. We know we can't do this wild and wonderful Cadre adventure without God and crazy friends like you."

Bill's communication style is high energy and high interaction with a healthy combination of humor and biblical truth. When you put your head back to laugh, he'll pour the truth of God's Word in.  Bill is a Bible college graduate and holds a masters degree in Teaching and Leadership.

At Cadre we believe the mission of disciplemaking overflows to those who cross our path starting with our family. Bill lives a disciplemaking way of life with his wife Stacy and their six children—Emily, Billy, Aubrey, Josey, Libby, Sadey, and Ivy.

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