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Bill & Stacy Allison

Bill and Stacy Allison serve Jesus Christ as disciplemaking missionaries. Bill is the Executive Director of Cadre Missionaries—whose mission is to make disciplemakers who make more disciplemakers. (Full disclosure: We totally stole that from Jesus.) As a part of Bill's missionary role, he is the author/coauthor of Jesus-centric disciplemaking books, resources and training experiences.

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In Bill's own words:

"I aspire to live and follow Jesus. I love my wife (32+ years), our seven kids, great coffee, Apple Computers, motorcycles, chocolate, learning, volunteers, the Church, Gibson les Paul guitars, the blues, laughing at myself, the Cubs, the next generation and I'm very intrigued by the disciplemaking genius of Jesus. The question that keeps me up at night is this: What does first century Jesus-like disciplemaking look like in a 21st century world? Some of my lifetime goals are to chase a tornado, drive in a demolition derby, survive parenthood and ride a motorcycle with my wife from Chicago to LA on old Route 66. As Cadre Missionaries, we live by faith and trust God to financially provide for our family and our disciplemaking life."

To get your arms around who we are and what we're about, we invite you to start praying and living The Disciplemaker's Prayer with your family and friends—and see what God might do in and through you for His glory. Bill is a Bible college graduate who holds a masters degree in Teaching and Leadership.

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