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Nate & Kristin Stenholtz

Hello mighty praying friends! ​

Kristin and I are truly grateful for not only your prayers but your friendship also.  We can not imagine living life without you! You are truly Romans 1:12 type of friends! 

I (Nate) will continue to serve full time as Outreach Pastor at Southern Lakes Church in Elkhorn, WI. 

However, in order to make more disciples of Jesus we have decided to deepen our friendship with Cadre Missionaries who are all about disciplemaking like Jesus. We believe there is a HUGE need for the Gospel to be shared and for individuals, families and churches to live with Jesus like disciplemaking clarity. Our family has personally experienced the impact of Cadre Missionaries in our own lives and ministry over the past 14 plus years… and we want to see that impact multiplied. 

Nate    507.271.9421 mobile [you can message me with your prayer and friendship needs]

Kristin  507.271.9769 mobile [you can message me with your prayer and friendship needs]

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and friendship! We are excited to see what God will do specifically over the next 14 days and we will be sure to update you then. 

In prayer, 

Nate and Kristin

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