Arrow Kids Cohort

On Thursdays we would love to have your students be a part of the Arrow Kids Cohort. This cohort is best for students 8+ years old. This group of students will work together to plan and lead the Kinder-GARDEN cohort on Thursday mornings.

Most Thursdays will follow a similar schedule:

9:00-9:15 Set up and prep for Kinder-GARDEN Cohort.

9:15-11:15 Lead the Kinder-GARDEN Cohort

11:30-12:00 Lunch

12:00-2:00 Plan for the next week's Kinder-GARDEN Cohort

The students will work together to create lesson plans for each week based on the learning objectives we have for this fall. They will help to create hands on activities and ways to help the younger students learn the topic for each week. Throughout the semester each student will have a week where they will be in charge of leading the Kinder-GARDEN Cohort for a morning. For those students who may be nervous about having to take the lead, we will give them the support they need to be successful in finding their unique style of leadership. We will work throughout the semester at identifying their gifts and skills. As they learn more about themselves, they will be given opportunities to develop these skills.

A couple times during the semester we will do a service project in the afternoon instead of planning together.

The learning objectives we have for this Cohort:

Help the students understand what it means to be a leader.

Help the students to learn how to work with a team

Learn about the importance of planning and preparation

Learn how to evaluate and make changes

Reinforce the skills that they will be teaching during the Kinder-GARDEN Cohort.

Arrow Kids Cohort FAQ's

I have a younger student who will be participating in the Kinder-GARDEN Cohort, do we need to stay and participate with the Arrow Kids Cohort with my older students?

Yes, we ask that you stay to participate with your students who are a part of the Arrow Kids Cohort. We will have the gym available and parents will take turns leading activities with the younger students during the afternoon. We will also have a 'quiet room' available if you have a young one that needs to rest... however we cannot guarantee that it will be completely quiet.

Can I attend the Ridgewood Women's Bible study or Mops if I want to register my student for the Arrow Kids Cohort?

Yes, during the morning when the Women's Bible study or Mops meets, you do not need to participate with your student. However we ask that you participate in the afternoon either by helping with the other younger siblings or helping the Arrow Kids Cohort students with the planning and preparation of the Kinder-GARDEN Cohort. Unlike the Kinder-GARDEN Cohort, we do ask that students who participate with the Arrow Kids Cohort attend every week. If you only attend the Women's Bible Study or only Mops, we ask that you attend on the opposite weeks with your student.

If you have more than one student or plan to participate in more than one cohort, we recommend considering one of our memberships. By choosing to make a monthly donation to our ministry you will be able to register for our learning experiences for free. The number of free registrations is determined by the membership you purchase. You can learn more about our memberships here.

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