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Rhythm of Rest

There are so many wonderful opportunities as homeschool families. It is a privilege to be able to give our kids so many wonderful experiences and opportunities to learn, but it is also a huge responsibility.

We homeschool so that we can help our kids grow and mature in all areas of life and this goes far beyond just providing instruction in academics. Our children are learning how to create a pattern and pace for their lives as they watch us lead them. As we create our family schedule we are teaching them where their priorities should be and this can last a lifetime.

Disciplemaking begins with our family and as a homeschool family we need to leave space for our family to connect with each other and with God. Our schedule can fill so quickly and it can feel like we are more successful the more we are doing, but this can be creating a lifetime of bad habits for our kids.

We want our Arrow Kids Cohorts and learning experiences to support families as they work to create a life as a family following Jesus together and we believe that an important part of this is creating a rhythm of rest.

We are not trying to be legalistic and won't judge families who choose to fill the time we take off with other activities. Our stay-at-home weeks are not about forcing families to stop all other commitments but instead giving space for families to be able to rest and catch up on the things that have been lost in the busyness and to take extra time to enjoy time as a family and lean into extra time spent with God. Each families rhythm will look different.

As we plan the Arrow Kids calendar we are planning a stay-at-home week around every 7 weeks. During this time we won't plan any in person cohorts or learning experiences. We may have a chance to connect via Zoom, but will not be planning much during these weeks.

We encourage families to be purposeful in this time off to enjoy the time together so that you and your kids will be refreshed and ready to jump back into to learning together after the week is done. You may find that there are projects that need to be finished around home- don't feel guilty for using the time to catch up on laundry or assignments that have been put off. Building in this time is meant to help you check off a few extra things on the ever growing to do list. It is also meant to give space for rest, so be sure to find ways as a family to learn the skills of creating a rhythm of rest in your home.

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