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Fall 2023

We are planning a fun fall full of creative learning experiences and we would love to have you join us. This blog post is your guide to help you determine what will be the best fit for your family.

We offer 3 levels of involvement so that families can decide what will work best for them. Here is a quick explanation of your 3 options.

Learning Experiences

Our learning experiences are open to all families to join. These are one time events that anyone can register for. There is no need for a membership or long term commitment. We work to make these learning experiences very hands on and allow for students to explore and learn at their own pace while encouraging interaction with other students. This is a great entry point for families to come and see if a cohort might be a good fit for their students.

To register for our learning experiences, you can find the list here:


Our cohorts are for families who want to get a fuller picture of what we are learning at Arrow Kids Academy. By signing up for a cohort you will be registered to join all of the learning experiences that happen on the day of the cohort you signed up for. For example, if you register for the Make Believe Monday cohort you are committing to join us for all the Monday learning experiences and you will automatically be registered for these learning experiences. To participate in a cohort, families must apply and complete an interview. The purpose of the application and interview is to make sure that the cohort will be a good fit for your family. During the interview we will discuss the best track for your student within the cohort. We will work to make sure that the cohort is designed to fit your student so they can feel successful and be excited to participate. For those students who are ready, we have a teaching team track that they can participate in. Students in the teaching team track will help to plan and prepare for learning experiences. Not all students who register for a cohort will be a part of the teaching team. For some students it is a better fit to participate in the cohort without the pressure of leading or planning so we want to make sure the cohort fits each student well. During the interview we will talk about what your families commitment for the semester will be so there is clear understanding of your students role in the cohort and the track they will be participating in.

To participate in our any of our cohorts, begin by filling out the cohort application. After the application has been submitted we will schedule an interview. Once we have completed the interview you will be able to register for the cohorts your family wants to participate in.

Learn more about each of our cohorts by clicking on the link for each one.

Teaching Team

(Arrow Kids Cohort)

The third option for families is the Arrow Kids Cohort. This is our teaching team cohort. Your student does not have to participate in the Arrow Kids Cohort to be a part of the teaching team. There are parts of the planning and leadership that students from the other cohorts will be able to participate in, but the Arrow Kids Cohort students will be involved in all aspects of planning for all the cohorts. This cohort is best for older elementary, middle school and high school students. It is possible for a younger student to participate in the Arrow Kids Cohort, but it will require more work for parents to help with the planning and preparation required by the students. If you are interested in your students participating in the Arrow Kids Cohort, we will discuss during the cohort interview if this will be a good fit for your family.

Learn more about the Arrow Kids Cohort here.

We hope that one of the cohorts above will work for your family. Please reach out if you don't see a cohort that will work for you. Families can mix and match, some cohorts and some learning experiences. We will work with you to find a fit that works best for your family. If you are interested in being a part of any of our cohorts, please begin by filling out the cohort application.

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