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What’s your leadership PQ?

We read a lot about a leaders EQ — Emotional Intelligence. Or about the giftedness of leaders and their IQ — Intelligence. But I want to challenge you to grow your PQ!

Your prayerfulness as a leader is directly linked to your dependence upon God with the kavanah of his presence, active power and our all-in-obedience. This leads to the way you will lead in all contexts of life. What’s your Prayerfulness Quotient as you lead as a parent? As a friend? As a co-worker? As an employer?

I’ve got a suggestion to help you grow in your PQ? It’s where I learned the most about my leading with a high Prayer Quotient. Those lessons came from taking time to watch with Nehemiah. I journaled the lessons and discovered that when Nehemiah didn’t know what to do his first response wasn’t strategy. It wasn’t resources. It was prayerfulness. This insight wrecked me. It aligned me. It focused me. When I lead at home, work or in life I need to yield to God’s plans not drive my own. I know this is counter to our western view of leadership, but if I lead my way, I get my outcome. If I lead out of the Kavanah of God’s power & presence the potential becomes transformational as it’s fueled by a growing PQ.

Let me introduce you to Cadre’s “BIG GOD, small problems. small god. BIG PROBLEMS.” It’s a Kavanah journey into understanding leading with a God-sized PQ! This study for disciplemaking friends is available in print, reader’s pdf for kindle or as an interactive digital book make for iBooks.


NEHEMIAH. Was it his leadership that calls us to study him? Maybe, but that’s not what makes him one of the most memorable volunteer leaders in the history of the church. In reality, it is Nehemiah’s understanding of God that makes him so worth studying!

Particularly fascinating are a series of belief statements that reveal what Nehemiah believed to be true about our God. If these statements are true (and I believe you’ll discover that they are) then we can learn to live our life as evidence of the active presence of a loving and active God.

Getting to know God through the eyes and heart of Nehemiah can transform:

• your day at work or school,

• your time with family and friends,

• your role as a leader in your community,

• your role as a leader in your church’s mission.

We challenge you to take ownership of Nehemiah’s BIG view of God as you take your small daily steps of faith. Let God reveals himself as active and present in your family, friendships, career and calling. As you align with a biblical Big God understanding this way of thinking will change how you live.


small god—BIG PROBLEMS! BIG GOD—small problems!

Dave Garda Cadre Missionary for Disciplemaking Friendships

P.S. We’ve included optional companion audio segments that are drawn from messages or retreats I’ve led to help leaders own Big God convictions. I invite you to use these tracks as a prompt for the background and concepts contained in the Big God, small problems study. The audio segments range from 1 to 11 minutes in length.

If you have iBooks on your mac, iPad or iPhone you can download a digital sample or purchase the entire study for you, friends, family or your small group.

I promise that you’ll grow your leadership PQ!

To download samples or purchase Cadre interactive digital books on the iBookstore visit: Cadre-i-Books

  1. The One Another Living Guide with Bonus Small Group, Friend & Family experiences.

  2. The Disciplemaker’s Living Guide with Bonus deeper study glossary.

  3. The Disciplemaker’s Guide to Grow, Minister & Lead.

  4. RMR for Recruiting, Motivating & Retaining Volunteers.

  5. The Disciplemaker’s Journal: Cadre’s Original Edition for Disciplemaker’s.

  6. Big God, Small Problems. Nehemiah.

  7. Seven Biblical Ways God Wants you to Encourage Your Pastor.

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