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Mom School

Mom school is a chance for you to prioritize your learning and growth.

We can get busy with all we need to juggle and plan for our kids that we forget to make sure we take time for our own professional development. Mom School is the designed to help you to keep growing and modeling for your kids life long learning.

This is a time to connect with other moms and cheer each other on... and embrace the messiness of trying to learn as moms.

This year we are focusing on Psalm 78:72

"And David shepherded them with integrity of heart;

with skillful hands he led them."

We will spend some time each month looking at how we are growing in 4 specific areas:

Your Heart

Your Hands

Your Mind

Your Body

Our desire is to help encourage each other in our growth so that we can be mindful of how we are guiding our children to grow as well.

In September we will be focusing on our hearts. How do we shepherd our kids with integrity of heart? What do we need to be pouring into our hearts?

In October we will be focusing on our hands. How do we model like long learning? What skills are we developing? We will also be having Office Chad Fierst from the Minnetonka Police Department come and lead a conversation about how to keep our kids safe when we are out and about learning in public places.

In November we will be focusing on our minds. How do we handle anxiety, unrealistic expectations and depression.

In December we will be focusing on our bodies. How are we caring for our own health?

We encourage you to join us each month, we hope to develop deeper friendships and being consistent helps us to develop these relationships. We understand that it doesn't work for everyone to make it each month, so you can register just for the weeks you will be able to attend.

Mom School takes place during our Home School Hot Lunch, by registering for lunch you will receive all the Mom School supplies. If you don't want to order lunch, you can register just for Mom School. You can choose if you want to receive a Mom School journal (for you to use this fall as you learn alongside your students) or just register to attend without receiving a journal.

We would love to have you join us! You can register here.

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