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ReCentering My Leadership Role

To lead effectively and with genuine influence, it is crucial to prioritize focus, people, character, and a clear understanding that individuals are more important than programs. True leadership stands in stark contrast to manipulation, self-serving agendas, and prioritizing programs and personal advancement over genuine relationships. Authentic leaders do not seek validation from a group of yes-men but instead embrace diverse perspectives and welcome constructive challenge and disagreement.

If you aspire to genuine leadership and influence, I recommend starting by immersing yourself in the four Gospels and engaging in discussions about them with a trusted friend. Additionally, consider discarding most marketing books, church growth manuals, or preconceived strategies borrowed from others' contexts.

In contexts where leadership neglects prayer, pastoral care, and meaningful engagement with Scripture in favor of formulaic approaches, it perpetuates a cycle of ineffectiveness obscured by short-term outcomes.

When leadership prioritizes personal comfort over setting an example of sacrificial service, it succumbs to the false notion that individual plans equate to God's will. I urge you to break away from the allure of superficial adventures and embark instead on the authentic journey of life together, embracing its challenges and joys.

Once you've delved deeply into the Gospels and Scripture alongside peers, consider exploring thought-provoking resources that challenge conventional notions of leadership. For instance, Seth Godin's "Top 100" blog offers insightful perspectives, while simple tools like Cadre's "Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus" and "Getaway like Jesus" provide valuable insights into disciplemaking and leadership modeled after Christ.

If your leadership path seems to require you to put loving neighbors and Disciplemaking friendships on pause I suggest that's leading in the wrong direction.

May I suggest we all engage: God’s Word. Prayerfulness. Holy Spirit Clarity. Peer Community listening and true dialogue.

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