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Are You Aware of Jesus’ Disciplemaking Secret Sauce?

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Because of your history with CadreBlog, we want to honor and thank you in a special way.

You are among the very first to hear about Cadre’s brand new book, The Disciplemaking Genius of Jesus: The Why, What, and How of Disciplemaking Friendships that Multiply.

That’s right. We wanted to do something special for our longtime friends like you—so we’ve printed a limited number of special book covers we’re calling our “Pre-release Friend Edition.”

Here’s how the brand new book is laid out…

Section 1 The WHY of Disciplemaking Friendships

  1. Introduction: Are We Confidently Walking In Circles?

  2. Chapter 1 Why Disciplemaking Like Jesus?

Section 2 The WHAT of Disciplemaking Friendships [Discover the Secret Sauce]

  1. Chapter 2 It All Starts with TW

  2. Chapter 3 Add Generous Amounts of K4

  3. Chapter 4 Stir It All Together with D3

Section 3 The HOW of Disciplemaking Friendships

  1. Chapter 5 Start Here Start Now—with PIE

  2. Conclusion: Your Disciplemaking Friendship Stories

This book explores…

  1. Why disciplemaking friendships is a way of life is for every follower of Jesus.

  2. The three irreducible minimums for Jesus-like disciplemaking friendships that multiply (a.k.a., Jesus’ disciplemaking “secret sauce.”

  3. Tons of real-life stories that reveal the nuts and bolts of Jesus-like disciplemaking friendships.

  4. Almost 400 questions to make you think and wrestle what disciplemaking friendships that multiply looks like in real life with your family and friends.

  5. The three most important first steps for engaging God and others in a disciplemaking friendship.

  6. How to listen and respond to the Holy Spirit’s leading in the formation and development of disciplemaking friendships that multiply.

Plus, each of the five chapters concludes with application and discussion questions perfect for reading and wrestling what you learn together with family and friends.

We’ve built-in bulk-quantity discounts and discounts start for as few as 5 or more.

  • Go here: to order your copies today.

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