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All you ever focus on is…

All you ever focus on is disciplemaking. When is Cadre going to do something new?

Those were the words of a ministry friend of mine. I love him deeply and we’re still friends.

Something new? Hmm.

I smiled and said, “When King Jesus gives us new marching orders, then I will focus on that. Until then, the last I heard from Jesus was, ‘Go and make disciples….’”

We get it. Disciplemaking isn’t trendy, cool, or always chic. And neither is Cadre Missionaries. But we don’t care.

In fact, we are all the more determined to stay focused on the person of Jesus Christ (the one from the Holy Bible) and His disciplemaking way of life. Here’s to 19 years of doggedly staying on mission and NOT doing something new!

That’s right: This month we’re celebrating 19-years of making disciplemakers—like Jesus.

For 19 years, God and YOU have made it possible for us, as Cadre Missionaries, to give our lives to multiplying disciplemakers here, there, and everywhere. Thank you! Make no mistake, we still need your help.

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We’d love to see 300 of our friends respond with a timely gift of $19. That would bless Cadre and our boring old “disciplemaking” mission with $5,700 much needed dollars. If you’ve never supported Cadre Missionaries before, this would be a huge encouragement to us. If you’re already on our support team, please consider an additional $19.

Will YOU be one of our 300 friends who continue to invest in disciplemaking?

We couldn’t be Cadre Missionaries without friends like you. Thank you for praying for us and for 19 years of disciplemaking friendships that multiply—and to God be all the glory!

Bill Allison Executive Director, Cadre Missionaries

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. So do not be attracted by strange, new ideas. Hebrews 13:8-9


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