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Cadre's Praying Monday...

As your Cadre Missionaries (Bill & Stacy Allison, Dave & Rennie Garda, Mark & Rachel O'brien) we are challenging you to pray the Disciplemaker's Prayer, daily. Why not start on what we call "Praying Monday." Please pause and pray the Disciplemaker's Prayer with us right now:

Praying Monday, Tue, Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun...

You can access the prayer from anywhere/anytime by visiting or you can send us an email and we will drop you complimentary copies via U.S. Mail.

Giving Tuesday

Generosity comes in all sizes (Mark 12:41-44). Our gratitude is God Sized.

Cadre Missionaries is a 501C3 NonProfit with global efforts to equip everyone, everywhere to live out the Great Commission—through Spirit empowered disciplemaking friendships.



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