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A stack of Covid safe hugs… 400 deep… is one in the mail to you?

A stack of Covid safe hugs… 400 deep. These hugs are being mailed today. We received hugs over the 365 days of 2020 but now we are sending back our own hugs! Squeeze! Getting these together and in the mail is a big deal but it’s well worth the effort!

Some Cadre Missionary generosity facts…

# of receipted donors in 2019 = 370

# of receipted donors in 2020 = 420 (Thank You God, Covid caused a bunch of giving friends to drop their support plus others needed to lower their support, but God prompted and we met new giving friends!)

FYI. Cadre Missionary Rennie Garda goes to the post office and to the bank daily to collect, process, thank and pray over each and every gift. The same goes for gifts that arrive digitally. Daily, individual missionaries are informed of gifts that arrive so they can feel the fresh squeeze of the hug and hug back, too!

2020 generosity included:

  • 50% were 1 time gifts. If you gave last year would you consider missionary support in 2021 plus add a bonus second gift, too?

  • 40% of gifts averaged under $20 per month. Can you help grow our repeat gifts of $20+ average per month?

  • 15% of gifts averaged over $100 per month. As God prompts and provides can you help us keep this up in 2021?

  • 30% of donors gave with a monthly or greater frequency. Monthly hugs have a special way of encouraging and providing consistent support! 12 hugs can be better than one!

  • 87% were individuals or families. Thank you disciplemaking families!

  • 4% were small business or foundation generosity. Wow, thanks for allowing what you love to be blessed by how you live! We’d love to see this percent grow 1% in 2021.

  • 6% were collective gifts from local churches and missions teams.

  • 3% were social media gifts.

  • 100% were needed!

Covid was an unexpected reality, Yet:

  1. The gospel was shared.

  2. Disciples were multiplied.

  3. Missionaries were actively encouraged.

  4. Friendships were initiated and deepened.

  5. Hurting hearts were prayed and cared for…

  6. Disciplemaking Learning Communities were engaged in Disciplemaking.

  7. Books, workbooks and living guides were printed, shared and used to multiply the number of Jesus followers engaged in Disciplemaking friendships.

  8. Pulpits were filled, small groups led, coffee conversations were common.

  9. The Bible was read and havered with friends and family who read with friends 365 days times a multiple of over a thousand lives — times even more lives…

  10. Donors were prayed for and lives were changed.

  11. God was worshipped.

What is our 2021 potential? Can you be one of our consistent “hugs?”

How will God uniquely provide and prompt in and through you 2021?

What creative investment will you make in and through Cadre Missionaries this year? Let us know how God is prompting you? We thrive on your hugs!

Btw: A variety of additional creative hugs included the buying and sharing of Cadre training tools, books, prayer cards plus fun gift cards, practical gifts of food, volunteer hours, Peace construction teams, social media giving, Amazon Smile and certainly praying for one another!

We love hugs. We love to hug. Thanks for yours!

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