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2024 Tricky Tuesday Cohort

Our Tricky Tuesday cohort has a focus on giving opportunities for students to investigate and delight in learning about subjects that can be challenging. Our goal is to build resilence and help students to stick with learning even when it is hard.

We value helping students grow academically and finding creative ways to help them get excited about learning, even when it is a subject they usually don't enjoy.

Another value that runs through all we do is helping the students develop lasting friendships. Woven into all the Tricky Tuesday Learning Experiences is a foundation of helping the students to connect with and learn from each other. We want to give them the opportunity to learn from each other and learn to value each others strengths.

The Tricky Tuesday Cohort takes place from 9:30am-3:00pm each Tuesday. During our cohort interview we will talk through the options below to help customize an elementary, middle school or high school track for your students. Expectations and role within the learning experiences will vary depending on the track your student participates in.

Each week will look a little different but here is what a typical Tuesday will look like:

Each Tuesday we will start with a teaching team meeting at 9:30am. Our time from 10:00am-noon will vary from week to week. Students will get a chance to participate in each of the learning experiences listed below.

During our Tech Tuesdays students will be working on typing skills, learning how to use google classroom, and creating an online portfolio on our student blog. This will include an introduction to graphic design. Students will be working together to write a monthly newsletter. They will be assigned a different role each month to give them experience with different styles of writing and editing.

A few times each semester we will have a Tea Party. During our Tea Parties, students will be learning manners and sharing poetry. Each Tea Party we will learn a little about a famous composer and listen to some of their music.

Once a month we have Together with God and Homeschool Hot Lunch. We will be providing lunch and have activities for the students to connect with each other and with God. Throughout the school year we will be studying the Armor of God. We will be giving the students tools for helping them grow in their relationship with God and with each other. During lunch Moms will get a chanceto connect for Mom's School. A professional development time for moms to continue learning together. This time of encouragement will have a different topic for us each month to keep our hearts growing. Mom's will all receive a Mom's School Journal.

Throughout the rest of the month during lunch we will be listening to the book "A Race Around the World" by Caroline Starr Rose. Each week students will choose something from the book to study more about and share what they learned the following week. This helps students to develop active listening skills and helps them to create habits of learning more about the things that spark their interest.

Our afternoons each week will be focused on learning how to create and produce short films in our Arrow Films Cohort. We are excited to have Jon Garda join us as a mentor for the students in this cohort. He will be joining us via Zoom from Hollywood where he is a freelancer at Universal Studios in Hollywood. He has a passion for helping students become story tellers and is incredibly gifted in using film to tell stories. Students will be given lots of hands on time on Tuesdays to work through the entire process of creating a film from idea to final product.

Here is a schedule of what we have planned for Tuesday Mornings:

September 10th Together with God & HomeSchool Hot Lunch

September 17th Tech Tuesday

September 24th Tea Party

October 1st Tech Tuesday

October 8th Together with God & HomeSchool Hot Lunch

October 15th Tech Tuesday

October 29th Tech Tuesday

November 5th Tea Party

November 12th Together with God & HomeSchool Hot Lunch

November 19th Tech Tuesday

December 3rd Tea Party

December 10th Together with God & HomeSchool Hot Lunch

December 17th Tech Tuesday

January 7th Tech Tuesday

January 14th Together with God & HomeSchool Hot Lunch

January 21st Tech Tuesday

January 28th Tea Party

February 11th Together with God & HomeSchool Hot Lunch

February 18th Tech Tuesday

February 25th Tea Party

March 4th Tech Tuesday

March 11th Together with God & HomeSchool Hot Lunch

March 18th Tech Tuesday

April 1st Tech Tuesday

April 8th Together with God & HomeSchool Hot Lunch

April 15th Tech Tuesday

April 22nd Tea Party

April 29th Tech Tuesday

May 6th Tech Tuesday

May 13th Together with God & HomeSchool Hot Lunch

October 22nd, November 26th, February 4th, and March 25th we will not meet in person but will meet via Zoom from 1:00-3:00pm. These dates are part of our rest week, you can learn more about why we plan regular rest time in our schedule in this blog post.

The cost of this cohort includes all supplies needed for all the learning experiences on Tuesday. Lunch will be provided once a month when we host HomeSchool Hot Lunch. Students are not required to have their own device to participate in Tech Tuesday. We will provide access to computers and tablets for Tech Tuesday but students can bring their own devices to become familiar with working on their personal device. We will only be using Apple devices for teaching. Throughout the year we will be exposing the students to Adobe both for design as well as video editing. We are not able to provide Adobe for students to work on at home. During the cohort interview we will discuss what we will be using for technology and work to help you find a solution for your students to continue working at home. Students will get a journal to record their learning this fall.

To participate in our Tricky Tuesday Cohort, please fill out the cohort application. After the application is completed, we will schedule an interview. The purpose of the interview is to discuss the cohort in more detail and to make sure that the cohort will be a good fit for your family.

This cohort is a full school year commitment. The commitment is from 9:30-3:00pm on the Tuesdays September 10th- May 13th. The cost to participate in the Tricky Tuesday cohort is $400/student + the $25 cohort application fee. Families who are Arrow Kids Members can register for 50% off. You can learn more about our memberships here.

Tricky Tuesday Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we ask for an application fee?

Over the years we have had a large number of families register for learning experiences and cohorts, but for one reason or another they don't follow through. We spend a lot of time chasing down those who register, buy supplies and prepare for these families who may have never intended to commit to learning with us. The application fee is our way of asking families to commit to joining us by applying for our cohorts. If you are applying for more than one cohort, you only need to pay for 1 application fee.

Why is this cohort more expensive than the other cohorts?

This cohort includes multiple learning experiences that require lots of supplies for hands on learning as well as food provided during HomeSchool Hot Lunch. We also have the additional cost of thanking our Mentors for their time and honoring the time they are investing into our students.

Why do I have to pay for as an adult for the Tricky Tuesday Cohort?

When you register for your student(s) to participate in the Arrow Kids Cohort you are committing to being a part of the cohort with your student and will be registered for all of the learning experiences. The cost for the adult registration for the Tricky Tuesday Cohort is to cover the cost of Homeschool Hot Lunch and supplies for Mom School.

Can we join the Tricky Tuesday Cohort just for the fall or spring semester?

No, the cohort commitment is a full year commitment. Our style of learning is for the students to learn together, if families do not participate for the full year it disrupts the rhythm of learning for the rest of the students. In addition one of our main goals is to help the students create friendships and this is difficult if families are not consistent in their attendance. We ask families to commit to joining our cohorts for the entire 24-25 school year.

Do I need to attend with my student?

Our Arrow Kids Academy learning experiences and cohorts are interactive and we ask parents to stay and be involved with their child's learning.

I have a younger child who will be attending with me, do I need to register them as a student?

We ask that you register everyone who will be attending. If you have a younger student who will attend with you, we recommend that you register them as a toddler so that we have enough supplies for them to join us with the activities we do. Our goal is to learn together so we work to make activities successful for all ages.

Are there scholarships available to help lower the cost of participating in the cohorts?

We never want finances to keep families from joining us. We know that it can be a burden on families especially those with multiple children so we want to work with you to help make it possible. We offer 50% off all our learning experiences and cohorts to Arrow Kids Family members. You can learn more about our memberships here. If you are in need of financial support beyond the membership discount, please complete this request form and we will be in contact to see how we can help make it possible for your family to be a part of the Arrow Kids Cohort.

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