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You’re stuck? What can you do about it?

About ten years ago, I bought my first treadmill. Boy, did I feel great about myself. Just getting that thing down to the basement was a workout in itself – I think I lost half a pound! Once I got that thing settled in its place, I beamed with pride, and just knew that in a short time I’d be in shape…or at least in better shape.


Yet, I confess that though I have over a decade of treadmill ownership under my belt, my belt has not gotten any smaller. I thought about taking the treadmill back and trading it in for a new and improved model. Obviously, this one wasn’t working.

But I think I finally figured out what’s wrong. It seems you must actually get on the treadmill 3-5 times a week for about 20-30 minutes each time if you want any benefits. Go figure. Oh yeah, and they also tell me you should plug the treadmill in and turn it on (sounds kind of dangerous if you ask me).

The Treadmill of Good Intentions Laugh at me all you want. But I’m willing to bet a rarely used ten-year-old treadmill that you’re frighteningly more like me than you care to admit. Yep, my treadmill story is for YOU – especially if you’ve ever had the good intentions to…

  1. read a self-help book…but didn’t help yourself enough to crack it open

  2. read the Bible through in a year…but didn’t make it through the second week of January

  3. create and stick to a budget…but ran up more credit card debt

  4. lose weight…and then set a personal record in chocolate eating

  5. have a better marriage.. and then actually argued with your spouse about how (okay, that could be just me on that one)

  6. be a more patient parent…and then yelled at your kids more than ever

  7. exercise regularly…and then used your treadmill as a clothes hanger

Just like me and my treadmill, you bought the books, took notes on the sermon, went to the Bible study, and even signed up for the seminar, but nothing really changed in the key areas of your life.

Before we go any further: Are you sick enough of the treadmill of good intentions that you’re really ready to move to the track of personal growth?


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