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Want To Read The New Testament With Your Cadre Friends?

Cadre’s 2018 read with friends covers the New Testament 2x.

Have you ever wondered what a chronological New Testament would look like? Or how the Gospels describe the same event with different words and perspective? If so, this reading plan is for you. It’s impossible to state exactly in what order everything happened but this is an attempt and we hope it will bring new light to the eternal story of Jesus Christ.

Search YouVersion plans for “NT CHRONOLOGICAL.”

We personally value and gain a lot of joy from reading with friends who share disciplemaking lives. During the first half of the year (182 days) we’ll read thru the New Testament to observe How Jesus’ Kavanah priorities and relationships spread through-out the New Testament adventure. We’ll read to gain insights on the life we should live with our friends and family. For the second half of the year (182 days) we’ll go deeper as we re-read the New Testament digging into the relationship of prayerfulness in our relationship with God, friends and family. To make it easy to follow along and also to share what you’re learning we utilize the reading plan feature of the FREE Bible App by YouVersion.

We’ll start the read in January, but we invite new friends to jump in along the way. Wherever we are in the sequence we invite you to begin where we are and read with us. 

Want to read with us? Simple click the link below to let us know and the reply will provide you with the link you’ll need to jump in an read with us.

I’m in! Go to the NT CHRONOLOGICAL PLAN in your YouVersion app and invite a Cadre Missionary to be your friend. We’ll link you into our friends list as we read and share insights together — Bill Allison, Dave Garda, Rennie Garda, Laura Slezak, Mark Obrien and Rachel Obrien.

Go Deeper Bonus. If you want to jump into one of our online Haver Groups we have two via Facebook. Both are private groups that require approval to join.

Email to join our All Things Disciplemaking group. 

Got questions? Ask away:

LOGIN to our FRIENDS OF CADRE Webpages to explore this and more ways to walk together with your Cadre Missionaries.

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