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Getaway Like Jesus - Pace Like Jesus. Pray Like Jesus. Digital Read & Study PDF

Download: Getaway Like Jesus - Pace & Pray Like Jesus Study Ebook PDF
by Dave & Rennie Garda

In a culture that is hurried, distracted, and worn out, the purposeful and intentional life of Jesus stands out. He was certainly busy, but his life has an intentionality ours tends to miss. We'd like to suggest one thing that made the difference for Jesus and can do the same for you: taking regular, frequent, and intentional getaways from his ordinary pattern of life to be with the Father.


This book has three unique sections. Section one introduces you to the devotional life of Jesus as a first-century Rabbi. Section two guides you to study the 21 times that Jesus broke with the expected pattern of life to rest, pray, equip and align his life alone and with friends.  Section three guides you through 25 Living Guide studies to cover everything Jesus taught on prayer and the prayers he prayed.

This book and study tool will help you learn to pace like Jesus and pray like Jesus by studying his getaways with his Father.

Share this with a disciplemaking friend digitally for a special price! You can purchase digital duplication rights @ $5/copy from after buying one copy for your local ministry at full price.


We'll also join you for Getaway Like Jesus spiritual getaways, sabbatical studies or personal retreats.


Your Cadre Missionaries of Encouragement, Dave & Rennie

Getaway Like Jesus - Pace Like Jesus. Pray Like Jesus. Digital Read & Study PDF

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eBook Edition of Getaway Like Jesus for use in ebook readers, tablets and computers that accept PDF format.

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