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Moving beyond your good intentions

If you’ve ever had the good intentions to…

  1. read a self-help book… but didn’t help yourself enough to crack it open

  2. read the Bible through in a year… but didn’t make it through the second week of January

  3. create and stick to a budget… but ran up more credit card debt

  4. lose weight… and then set a personal record in chocolate eating

  5. have a better marriage… and then actually argued with your spouse about how (Okay, that could be just me on that one.)

  6. be a more patient parent… and then yelled at your kids more than ever

  7. exercise regularly… and then used your treadmill as a clothes hanger

Then this is for you! Link to the Personal Growth Plan posts (no more new year’s resolutions)

Download the PDF: No More New Year’s Resolutions


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