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Don’t Mi$$ Giving Tuesday


It’s the last thing Jesus told us to live and do.

It’s the gigantic “E” on the eye examination chart.

But how are we doing when it comes to disciplemaking?

Sometimes it seems like we’re doing every but disciplemaking.

As missionaries with Cadre Ministries, our passion is proliferating Jesus-like disciplemaking. It’s what we aspire to live and do. This Giving Tuesday, you can strategically invest in disciplemaking which—when done like Jesus—changes the world forever.

Would you please prayerfully consider blessing a Cadre missionary this Giving Tuesday?

Trust us when we say that no $ gift is too small and will be deeply appreciated.

From our hearts to yours, thank you for investing in disciplemaking!

Bill & Stacy Allison, Dave & Rennie Garda, Craig & Laura Slezak and Mark & Rachel O’Brien

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