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Women multiplying friends. DLC.

Luke 8:1-3. Women who followed Jesus.

"Soon afterward Jesus began a tour of the nearby towns and villages, preaching and announcing the Good News about the Kingdom of God. He took his twelve disciples with him, along with some women who had been cured of evil spirits and diseases. Among them were Mary Magdalene, from whom he had cast out seven demons; Joanna, the wife of Chuza, Herod’s business manager; Susanna; and many others who were contributing from their own resources to support Jesus and his disciples."

Monthly in Central Illinois a group of Jesus Disciplemaking Friends are meeting to multiply disciplemaking friendships.

I love Disciplemaking Learning Communities. What a joy it is to walk with this amazing group of women disciplemaking friends. This gathering in Peoria is a blessing to my heart as we wrestle with Scripture, Disciplemaking Tools through Kavanah, Havering, Diatribo, Mutual Community and the Disciplemaker's Prayer. —Rennie Garda, Cadre Missionary.

Who are the friends you are taking on the adventure? Can I invite you to pray and live the disciplemaker's prayer together?

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