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IDENTITY: Email From Hell Dramatic Audio -  33 THINGS - Ymin Digital Download:

IDENTITY! Satan is investing big time in IDENTITY THEFT by stealing from students and youth workers their true spiritual identity. Don't let students miss the reality of the 33 things that are theirs at the moment of salvation.


This list of the 33 things comes from Sperry Chafer's Systematic Theology. The implications are nothing less than life-transforming!


The enemy doesn't want us to know who God is, what He has done for us, and who we are in Christ. He knows that this knowledge will transform our lives, so he works to foster a spiritual identity crisis in each of God?s followers.


This dramatic audio edition, read by John Mehalic, allows students to "overhear" a letter to young demons on how to deploy Satan?s strategy of destruction through inducing Christian students to question their identity in Christ. Included is a PDF with the audio script along with discussion questions, designed for personal, small-group, or whole-group study, and the license to reproduce it as needed for your ministry. It also includes an audio introduction by series author, Bill Allison. This episode makes for a great stand-alone lesson for use between series or as an effective devotional tool for personal or small group use.


For this digital download version, you will receive a link to the dramatic audio in digital format.

Plus a reproducible PDF Handout for study and discussion.



Enemy Strategy Number 6: Identity: Keep them from knowing who they really are!

Do everything to keep them clueless...or else! What you can expect if Christians learn the truth about their spiritual identity:

#1 Christians will get their God-given needs for significance met.

#2 Christians will fall in love with God.

#3 Christians will get excited about serving God.

IDENTITY: Email From Hell Dramatic Audio - 33 THINGS - Ymin Digital Download:

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