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APATHY: Email From Hell Dramatic Audio - Ymin Digital Download: Episode 1

APATHY! Satan is targeting Christian students with strategies on how to be ineffective in living out the transformation of the gospel in our culture. Apathy is one of those ways.


If you are like me, then apathy is one of the largest life suckers from your ministry and a great tool for discouragement. Fight apathy by revealing Satan's strategy that targets our best Christian students!


This dramatic audio edition, read by John Mehalic, allows students to ?overhear? a letter to young demons on how to deploy Satan?s strategy of destruction through inducing Christian students to be apathetic. Included is a PDF with the audio script along with discussion questions, designed for personal, small-group, or whole-group study, and the license to reproduce it as needed for your ministry. It also includes an audio introduction by series author, Bill Allison. This episode makes for a great stand-alone lesson for use between series or as an effective devotional tool for personal or small group use.


For this digital download version, you will receive a link to the dramatic audio in digital format.

Plus a reproducible PDF Handout for study and discussion.



Enemy Strategy Number 1?Apathy: Try to Put Their Spiritual Fire Out Slowly!

Apathy is a demon?s best friend.

Why it is so important to stop radical student Christ-followers.

Apathy generator: Busyness!

When all else fails: Romantic diversions

APATHY: Email From Hell Dramatic Audio - Ymin Digital Download: Episode 1

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