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Audio Time Management for Painfully Pooped Out People

Time Management for Painfully Pooped Out People.

Cadre Studio Conversations Edition with Bill Allison & Jason Leahy.


You're busy! The question is: Are you making the most of your short life--or are you letting life live you--hurried, harried, and unfocused?


Biblical time management is not about trying to fit more into your already overloaded life and schedule! It's about identifying God's priorities for your life and living intentionally for those priorities. That, my friend, is liberating!


Start your adventure by listening to and applying this audio download, Time Management for Painfully Pooped-Out People: Ten Biblical Principles for Taking Control of Your Life and Time, by Bill Allison. 

There's nothing boring about this Cadre Studio audio download!

Instead of listening to someone read a chapter of a book (BORING!), you get a fun, substantive, biblical, engaging, and free-flowing conversation between two friends trying to sharpen each other as "iron sharpens iron." This MP3 audio download is really a training conversation in a fun, memorable Cadre Studio Conversation format.

Audio Time Management for Painfully Pooped Out People

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