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Dave & Rennie Garda

Dave & Rennie encourage, equip and model disciplemaking as a full-time missionary team with complementary gifts and talents (a.k.a. super powers). As disciplemaker's Dave and Rennie live a Kavanah powered life of disciplemaking friendships where God prompts and enables us to know Him through studying the Bible together, then overflowing this relationship with prayerfulness and his extravagant love as we follow Jesus, together in our family, friendships, career and calling.

Connect with Dave or Rennie:

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Rennie on Facebook   [rennie.garda]

Dave on Facebook   [davidjgarda]

We're your church, family and friendship Great Commission, Great Commandment, equippers, mentors and missionaries. We invite you to support us as we help to make disciplemaking friendships the norm for every Christ Follower on the planet.

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Dave and Rennie serve as disciplemaking missionaries called to help churches and families understand and live disciplemaking friendships. As a couple they minister to and implement disciplemaking learning communities with leaders, disciplemakers and families. Dave and Rennie are directly involved with developing training tools and those who multiply disciplemaking as they model, teach, train, coach and mentor leaders and teams globally.


Dave is an experienced pastor and coach who has modeled and multiplied disciplemaking with students, families and church leadership teams since 1979. As a Taylor University graduate with a focus on business, economics and psychology he holds a Masters degree from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School with an additional emphasis on Christian formation and education.


Dave and Rennie have co-authored books and tools such as Getaway Like Jesus: How to Pace & Pray Like Jesus, Ministry is Relationships, Disciplemaking is Relationships, Disciplemaking Foundations for Ministry, God Dependent Parenting, Discovering & Developing Your Super Powers, Big God-Small Problems, EQUIP for Middle School Ministry and The Mentoring Connection.


As a couple Dave and Rennie assist churches in modeling disciplemaking learning communities, leading training experiences, coming alongside leadership in seasons of interim and transitional ministry, developing disciplemaking youth and family ministries, mentoring volunteer and vocational leadership, church-wide disciplemaking development, staff-mission-vision alignment, leadership crisis moments and disciplemaking friendships.

To connect with Dave or Rennie, you can email, call or use facebook to follow and pray for Dave & Rennie's missionary adventures.

Dave and Rennie have been privileged to prayerfully come alongside 100's of churches in most every state, province and 23+ countries plus church plants, denominations, Sonlife Ministries for growing healthy churches & youth ministries, non-profits and High School and Campus Ministries, but here is a sampling of churches and church plants that Dave & Rennie have served in and multiplied with locally:

Grace Fellowship Church, Maple Park, IL

Wheaton Bible Church, Carol Stream, IL

Medinah Baptist Church, Medinah, IL

Evangelical Free Church (Crossview), Sycamore/Dekalb, IL

Evangelical Free Church, Crystal Lake, IL

Grace Church, Kaneville/Maple Park, IL

Evangelical Free Church, Lena, IL

Grace Church (NAB), Racine, WI

Oakdale Church (Brethren), Bloomingdale, IL

Elm Church (CBA), Elmhurst, IL

Village Bible Church, Sugar Grove, IL

First Baptist (CBA), Sycamore, IL

Riverside Community Church, Bloomingdale, IL

Hope Community Church, St. Charles, IL

Community Christian Church, Naperville, IL

Island Community/Bridge Church, Venice, FL

Harvest Bible Chapel, Sycamore/Dekalb, IL

Blanchard Road Alliance Church (C&MA), Wheaton, IL

Missionary Support: Prayer & Resources


If God prompts we'd love your help with much needed missionary prayer and financial support.


Email us or call us and we can share ways to support Dave & Rennie as Cadre Missionaries. We love to help families, friends, non-profits and local ministries with disciplemaking focus and alignment while sharing the gospel with our lives. We love modeling and teaching about life with Jesus at retreats, weekly learning communities, church services and gatherings with those who love and desire to follow Jesus.

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