Wild ride? 

Coaching can help.

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3, 6 or 12-month one-on-one coaching with Laura Slezak

Gain Clarity

Stop stressing because you’re so busy serving Jesus…in a million different directions. With coaching, you’ll gain clear insight into how God’s wired you, what motivates you, and what goals and strategies can help you live out the disciplemaking life Jesus is giving you—in a way that fuels your heart.

Build Confidence

When we feel unsure, gut responses like anxiety, paralysis or fix-it mode often kick in. Your coach will encourage you and provide direct, honest feedback with confidentiality as you pursue the steps of faith God is calling you to as a disciplemaker.


Since ministry would be great if it weren’t for people—our disciplemaking life can get lonely and even destructive without the fuel of mutual community (me + you + the Holy Spirit). Coaching will help you cultivate better relational habits for a life-giving balance of inflow & overflow as you follow Jesus with friends. 

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